Pros and Cons of a Mortgage Broker:


  • Choice. Brokers offer choice to a range of lenders, with industry knowledge on the best deals. They generally have a strong understanding of bank and lenders’ credit policies to ensure your application is likely to meet such requirements and be approved.
  • Expertise: A broker can advocate and push forward your application. The extensive experienced brokers build up from dealing with different institutions provide added expertise.


  • Quality of brokers: There are over 17,000 brokers Australia wide. With such a huge number of brokers, it can be tricky to determine between which brokers are experienced enough and which brokers are new with limited industry knowledge.
  • Research: Deciding on what a good deal is could be tricky. With limited understanding of the finance industry; you may need to do your own research to ensure you can fully trust your broker.

Benevolence Financial Group requires that our brokers have a minimum of a Diploma rather than just a Certificate IV. Our brokers generally have Bachelor degrees with years of experience working for the banks directly.

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