Save The Children

Why we do this

Benevolence Financial Group is a mortgage broker with a human difference. We believe that every purchase can and should shape a just and sustainable world. Imagine if you could help change the world, just by buying the things you always buy? That’s why we exist – to inspire and challenge other businesses to solve pressing societal & environmental problems.

Despite Australia’s wealth and high standard of living, many children struggle to reach their potential because they don’t have access to education, healthcare and protection services. From early learning programs which help newly arrived migrant and refugee children settle into Australia, to initiatives that help young people transition out of youth detention, Save the Children works to ensure the rights of all children are upheld all across Australia.

What can we help you with?

With more than 5 years’ banking experience up our sleeves and a mission to turn every purchase into a just and sustainable one, at absolutely no cost to you we can help you:

Refinance your home loan

Buy a new home

Don’t pay more in interest – save thousands by refinancing your home loan to a better interest rate. You can also use the refinance to access more equity, renovate, invest or consolidate debts.

Whether you’re looking for an investment property or upgrading your current home, we can help you find the best deal from a panel of 30+ banks.

How do you benefit?





First of it's kind tax savings

Feel good making an impact

We care deeply about you, and will always have your best interests in mind. You’ll know that you’re working with a partner that is focused on the values you deem important.

We donate up to 50% of our commissions after-tax to Save The Children on behalf of our clients. They enjoy a charitable tax deduciton and save on their taxes. 

You’re able to support Save The Children in an innovative way! Without donating or volunteering, you can still personally contribute to Save The Children’s mission.

What Does It Cost You?

Absolutely nothing! We’re paid by the bank so It’s a fee-free service. That means no higher rates and no extra costs. We take care of your home loan needs, and invest up to half of our commissions from banks to Save The Children Australia. Like any other mortgage broker, we don’t charge a fee as the banks pay us commission for introducing a new client to them.

Talk to us today! And let’s get your dream home while supporting the work Save The Children does. For every home loan funded we will invest up to 50% of our profits (from our own pockets) to Save The Children!

Not looking to get a home loan yet? Share this today.

A small action can make a massive difference. By simply referring BFG to someone and spreading the word about our partnership, you’ll be supporting Save the Children’s fundraising efforts.

Make a huge difference today. Every share counts!

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