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Home Loans for Doctors

Who can provide the best deal on home loans for doctors and medical professionals?

With over 40+ options available,  finding the best home loans as doctors and medical professionals can get complicated very quickly. When looking out for the best deal, always look out for the following:

1. Interest rate –  Your profession is considered low risk by banks. Banks, therefore have an appetite to provide better interest rates and fees. 

2. Borrowing Amount – Options exist to lend you a higher percentage of the property value without additional costs (namely lenders mortgage insurance). Huge number of banks waive this additional cost. 

home loans for doctors

What is my borrowing capacity?

The borrowing amount generally depends on your verified income against your liabilities. Different banks have different lending criteria with some being more flexible. Although generally minimum two years of financials are required, banks will generally assess case-by-case for doctors. 

Our suggested best banks for medical professionals

What home loan options or features do I need?

From our extensive experience with medical professionals, we have identified that paying off the mortgage sooner is generally more important than just getting the best interest rate. 

Important features like a redraw facility and an offset account allows you to reduce your interest expense by paying down your balance more flexibly & sooner. Be on the lookout for banks that do not charge you for these features as they are vital to helping you pay your mortgage sooner!

showcasing a doctor for home loans purposes

How much research do I reasonably need to do?

We understand you are incredibly busy between work, family and other commitments. However, your home purchase is one of the biggest financial commitment you make.

Given the severity and impact this will have on your financial position; it is important to invest time to learn more about what matters most. 

Are you time sensitive or have limited knowledge within the industry? It is useful to partner with a finance broker who can help every step of the way. Make sure you have a finance team that you can fully trust to work towards your needs, not theirs. 

We are looking to work with doctors that value integrity.

Our difference from other finance options is our Vision. Every time you do business with us, we make sure great things happen.

We know how complicated it all can get. Our goal is to minimize as much effort as possible from your end, so you can focus on what matters most.
Through our cutting-edge technology and processes, we will make this as easy as possible. 
There’s not enough time in the day? We get it.
That is why, we work around your schedule; meeting you at a time and place convenient for you! (including weekends and after-hours.)
As ex-bankers that have specialised in supporting medical professionals, we know exactly the situation you are in. We are specialised to ensure we can deliver the best results.
When promises are broken and trust is lost, we know how difficult, frustrating & stressful it can get.  It takes only one broken promise to tarnish the whole experience.
Our focus is partnering with you long term and we commit to always delivering. If we cannot deliver, we will never promise.

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