About Us

About Us

The BFG Story

Our dream is simple. A dream in which every day we wake up, from morning to night, each purchase we make shapes a just & sustainable world. Whether it’s a morning cup of coffee or the biggest purchase that we make, our dream home, these transactions shape our world.
Working in banking, we fell in love with fulfilling the Aussie dream. A dream of security, stability, and new life for Australians and their families. With the misconduct & lack of trust in banking, we began questioning what we were contributing to.
A beacon of hope arose when we discovered the bold & powerful Thankyou water model. We began to rethink home loans. What if we could create a simple yet innovative model where it’s a benefit, not a cost, for helping our neighbor?
We do things differently. We just don’t talk the talk – we let our wallets do the walking. At our core, integrity and supporting people before profits is what we do. You shouldn’t have to go through hell to buy a home. We’re here to make it simple with a mortgage broker partner you can trust. Getting a mortgage has never been easier, faster, and more transparent. We’re experienced ex-bankers who will get you the right mortgage from the right bank and because we’re paid by the lenders, it’s free.
Align yourself with a business that respects your values and take back control. We finance your dream whilst investing up to half of our net commissions to fighting injustice. Funds invested are made on your behalf which allows you to save on taxes (as they are tax-deductible).

What We Stand For

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Our Vision

A future in which every purchase made shapes a just and sustainable world.

Our Purpose

Empowering individuals to create a better future for their families, our communities & the planet by redefining how business is done. 

Our Core Values


We are curious, we care, and we want to connect with others.


We are creative visionaries. We not only think forward and outside the box - we act on it. Everything we do is radical


We deliver the utmost best work, do not stand for mediocrity and continuously improving


We are open, honest & constructive


When problems get bigger, we’re even more compelled by our vision to never give up.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

Martin Luther King

How It Works


Finance the right option for you

We start off by getting a strong understanding of your needs, current position, and ideal lifestyle.

We then compare the market to find the right home loan suitable for your objectives – short, medium & long term.


Connect, Partner & Monitor

We introduce you to the people who can help you achieve maximum financial gain. We work alongside your trusted adviser or give you access to our trusted market specialists.

We actively monitor your loans and make necessary adjustments if required.  



Your choice matters. We invest on your behalf up to 50% of our net commissions to the cause of your choice via our impact partners or recommended by you. 

We give you the necessary information so you can get tax savings as the investment is made under your name.

We share with you the results of the impact you have made.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

You shouldn’t have to go through hell to buy a home. We’re here to make it simple with a mortgage broker partner you can trust. 

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Our Services

Whatever your financial needs, we can get you market-ready to take this step with confidence and financial backing.

Home Loans

Personal Loans

Business Loans & Asset Finance

Financial Planning & Insurances

Conveyancing, Legal & Accounting

Buy Into A Vision. Not Just Debt.
Samuel Philipos (Founder)

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important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Whilst revenue is critical for sustainability and growth, our model is innovative in how we operate. Our primary objective is supporting Australians with their finances first and then supporting other people. We aim to disrupt the status quo of profit maximisation at the cost of people outcomes.

We have various revenue streams to support our sustainability and growth to maximise both business and social impacts. Through our partners, we offer other services such as accounting, legal and financial planning. 

We also have a product range that includes insurances and commercial lending. Furthermore, we are supported by various entities including councils, accounting firms and charity organisations.

According to Social Traders, social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people access to employment and training, or help the environment.

As Benevolence Financial Group, we solely exist to benefit the public and improve our communities!

We have proven that our model works. As a social enterprise mortgage broker, the home loans funded help people like you meet their home buying needs while transforming lives. 

This could range from ending homelessness in our streets to world hunger. We are the bridge that makes it possible for you to solve big world problems simply and effectively. 

We qualify our charity partners and prove their effectiveness based on effective altruism principles. This takes into account:

1. Importance: Scope – how many people are affected and by how much?
2. Neglected-ness: How crowded is this area? 
3. Tractability: How easy is progress?

We guarantee transparency by:

  1. Providing a tax deducible receipt with the exact amounts invested. As part of our process, we are transparent about the income we receive from each transaction and provide a copy to our customers. 
  2. Screening charity partners to ensure they are effective and efficient in their operations and aligned with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs

At Benevolence Financial Group, we do not charge any fees whatsoever to our customers.

We are paid commissions by the lenders.

Our brokers are ex-bankers who worked with the big banks and have extensive experience. Instead of attaining just the required Certificate IV to operate; they have a minimum of a Diploma in Financial Services.

We know the importance of every decision you make along the way. We embed careful decision making in partnership with your accountant and financial planner to ensure you have the best structure in place.

Our rates from the banks in our panel are exactly the same rates offered by other brokers and banks. There’s no added cost to you whatsoever. 

As we operate like any other mortgage broker; our primary objective is to strengthen your financial position and identify opportunities for financial growth.

By simply rethinking banking, our model allows us to effectively support you and put social impact at the forefront. By choosing us, you do not miss out. You even get to save on taxes!

Benevolence Group Australia Pty Ltd trading as Benevolence Financial Group (ABN 52634 787 312) is a Credit Representative Number 490057 authorized under Australian Credit License Number 390261, Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited Member Number: M-345414, and registered with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited. For Privacy Policy and Feedback, please contact us at Info@bfg.org.au