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Why choose us as your mortgage broker?


We know how it feels when you do not know who to trust with personal financial decisions. You can have the peace of mind knowing that your best interests is why we exist. Our purpose is empowering you to create a better future for your family, our communities and the planet by redefining how business is done.


Up to 50% of our upfront commissions (after-tax & aggregator costs) are invested to fighting injustice in Australia and internationally. Plus, we track banks funding the fossil fuel industry and their environmental footprint to drive sustainability.


The tax-deductible funds invested to our impacts partners are made on your behalf; so you enjoy tax savings. We will also show you the individual impact you made as a result of simply making the right choice.

Our service promise

People Matter: People First

We serve people over profits and recommend the best options for you. To do this, we've removed commission incentives for our brokers.

We make it simple & easy

Leading-edge technology so that you enjoy a seamless experience. Leave the loan hunting, leg work & negotiating to us.

With you every step of the way

Above all, we know how complex home loans can be. It is our responsibility to ensure you understand available options, risks involved, and the structure.

Power back to you.
Let's show you what you're capable of.

Update your loan amount and taxable income range
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Tax savings for you (approximate)

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Amount Invested to Social Projects

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Pick a cause below to see what's in your control:

Enter your loan amount and income range to get started​

Enter your loan amount and income range to get started​

Enter your loan amount and income range to get started​

Enable X women in Africa to access micro-finance loan and financial literacy training. This will enable them to start or grow their small businesses to earn an income for their families. They will have the power to support their family themselves. Delivered by The Hunger Project.

Your donation provides a safe night’s sleep. Specifically, you will provide X sleep kits. The kits will be supplied to an accommodation service helping house people who are homeless or at risk in Australia. Delivered by Street Smart Australia.
Protect x children from malaria for one year. Delivered by Malaria Consortium.​

What if?

Our story began with a simple question – ‘What if?”. What if we could simply rethink our home loans and take back control? We started dreaming, envisioning a different reality in which our biggest purchase shapes our world.
Working in banking, we fell in love with fulfilling the Aussie dream. A dream of security, stability, and a new life. We want to take the dream to the next level!
Our purpose is putting people over profits and empowering them to create a better future for their families, our communities & planet. 
We are an ambitious, experienced team getting the best deals for our clients. This is all done while transforming the world – within the same transaction.
In addition to doing the right thing, our clients get financially rewarded through our tax savings scheme. All of this at zero cost! 


Home Loans

Whatever your home loan needs, we can get you market-ready to take this step with confidence and financial backing.
At BFG, we specialise in owner-occupied, investment, land, home packages, bridging, first home buyers, and off the plan the purchases.


Personal Loans & Car Loans

Personal loans are a practical way of getting what you’ve always wanted. It may be buying a car, travelling, or getting ahead by better managing your debts. At BFG, we assist with both secured and unsecured personal loans.


Commercial Loans, Overdraft facilities & Asset Finance

Loans for business purposes. They can be taken out by individuals or partnerships on behalf of businesses to fund operations, equipment and commercial property.


Financial Planning & Insurances

At BFG, we develop strategies to help you manage your financial objectives and meet your life goals. We set up risk management strategies and provide support with life and income insurance. Also, our General Insurances include building, landlord, home & contents insurances.


Conveyancing, Legal & Accounting

We partner with well experienced and effective partners to ensure customers are offered holistic solutions. Here at BFG, we only partner with organisations that align with our purpose of putting customers first.

Best deal? Always.
Cost to you? Zero.


Things you should know

1. Entitlement to tax savingsTax savings will depend on various factors. Such factors include the final loan amount funded, the bank/lender proceeded with, taxable income & exact amount invested in social projects. If the chosen charity is not a ‘Deductible Gift Recipient’ (DGR) status, tax savings will not be applicable. 

Benevolence Group only partners with DGR status charities; unless otherwise agreed upon. For more information on DGR status, please contact the ATO. We will confirm in writing your estimated tax savings during the process. However, we do recommend obtaining independent taxation advice to confirm the amounts.

2. Power to transform lives. The exact amount contributed to social projects will depend on various factors; specifically, the final loan amount funded. All loan amounts over $1mil will include a 50% (after tax and aggregator fees) contribution. Loan amounts between $500k – $1mil will include a 25% (after tax and aggregator fees) contribution. Lastly, loan amounts under $500k are ineligible for social investment; as we need to ensure the financial sustainability of our model.

* This table is based upon 2017-2018 ATO individual Income Tax rates. The above rates do not include the Medicare Levy of 2%. Depending on your present financial circumstances, the exact level of your tax deductibility will vary. Please seek assistance from an independent taxation professional for formal guidelines.